Ratafia Champenois

The companion of appetizers

A refined and authentic wine. More than just an aperitif, a delicate pairing with the most refined cuisine.

Musts of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier blended with Marc de Champagne and Eau-de-vie de vin aged in oak barrels.

Amber in colour, with bright, tuile tints and topaz highlights.

Revealing sweet and intense notes of plumbs, gingerbread and caramel.

Delicious and silky, with notes of acacia honey, milk chocolate and candied fruits. A long-lasting flavour.

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As an aperitif but not only!

A delicate pairing with the most refined cuisine. Enjoy as an aperitif, or serve with melon, foie gras, blue cheeses or chocolate desserts.

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