grappe de raisin

Starting with,
the vines

Maison Dagonet & Fils, located at the highest point of Hautvillers, is the proud owner of just over 3 hectares of vineyards. Vines grow on the historic hillsides of this celebrated village, recognised as the birthplace of Champagne.

The harvest is the culmination of the grapevine's growth cycle. In September, our team of grape pickers harvest the produce of an entire year's work by hand.

Our grapes are then taken to the press to be crushed, to extract the juice which is then poured into vats. It is in these large thermo-regulated stainless-steel cylinders that the first alcoholic fermentation takes place, transforming the sugar into alcohol.

grappe de raisin

Requiring special techniques

To produce champagne, the work in the cellar is both long and complex. Jérôme tracks its progress and strives to preserve special and meticulous techniques, following the methods that have been passed down through the decades.

After approximately 6 months of vinification in vats, it is time to prepare clear wine blends to create the various vintages to be bottled. Once laid to rest in our chalk cellars, the first bubbles are created through a second fermentation, also known as the 'prise de mousse'. It is only after several years of maturing in the darkness of our cellars that the bottles are stirred, disgorged, dosed, corked and then dressed.

After these various steps and a lot of patience, you can discover all the complexity of our champagnes.

the Birthplace
of Champagne

More than anywhere else, the Dagonets are reminded every day of their important role producers, to their outstanding location, in the birthplace of Champagne. This unique village is where Dom Pérignon first introduced this heavenly nectar.

This heritage can be explored further in our welcoming cellar, where you can discover our exquisite selection of champagnes and our history, which began 200 years ago.

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