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Pruning :  Just after the harvest, as soon as the leaves start to fall pruning  is meant to regulate the vine production. Pruning is regulated. In Champagne country 4 types of pruning are allowed : Chablis, Royat, Guyot and Vallée de la Marne.

Tying-up :  In early April. The shoots are wound around the supporting wires. It is done by hand.

Desuckering :  In mid-May.  To remove any non-fruitful shoots called “suckers” encouraging the vine to focus its energies on the fruit-bearing shoots. This is another manual activity.

Lifting :  By the end of May, the shoots are 50 cm. long. Then they need to be raised from the ground and attached vertically to wires running 30 cm above the main support wires.

Trellissing :   In June, the shoots are separated and stapled to wires. This prevents the leaves from crowding each other, allowing maximum light penetration and also encouraging air circulation that prevents rot. Trellising is also manual labour and very time-consuming.

Pinching back : This is part of summer thinning, it starts in mid-June, or early July before or after flowering, it   lasts until harvesting. It is essential to prevent the vine from producing foliage at the expense of fruit.

Harvesting :  The grapes are harvested in September or October. This is done only manually.
The grapes are quickly sent to the pressing center to extract the juice. It is worth noticing that even the Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes produce white juice called “moût”. The latter is put in tanks where the primary or alcoholic fermentation takes place, it transforms the grape juice into wine.


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