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The most traditional Champagne village, founded in 658, Hautvillers, in the heart of the Champagne area became famous during the 18th century thanks to Dom Pérignon whose name is known and recognized all over the world.

This Benedictin monk who loved wine and vineyard work is the symbol of perfection : “True Champagne only comes from the Champagne area”.

Father of major discoveries such as :

  • The quick pressing   of grapes from various kinds of soils to match their qualities,
  • The use of the first thick and strong glass bottles as well as a cork maintained by a hemp string,
  • The digging of cellars in chalk to ensure a better maturing of wines at a constant temperature.

Champagne owes almost everything to Dom Perignon, his science, passion and search for perfection.

Since 1715, Dom Perignon has rested  in the heart of Hautvillers abbey, in front of the altar, under a slab of black marble on which one can read that he lead a “Summa Cum Laude” life, worth of the greatest praises.


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